The Age of the Mainbattle Tank

The Age of the Mainbattle Tank
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The Age of the Mainbattle Tank von AK-Interactive

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Historic military book with numerous photos and 220 profiles. English. 304 pages. Hard cover. LIMITED EDITION.

The fifteen years after the Second World War saw the technology of tank design advance by leaps and bounds, resulting in the concept of the Main Battle Tank (MBT). This book by MP Robinson and Dick Taylor examines the history of the first western Main Battle Tanks designed in that period. The discussion of these weapons in the context of the 1960-1975 period includes the evolution of successful and unsuccessful designs. The tank and MBT development programs pursued by the United States and its NATO allies, as well as by neutral Switzerland and Sweden are documented and described in detail. The emergence of 105mm and larger guns capable of being mounted in tanks in the 30-55 ton range became a catalyst for the disappearance of the old Medium and Heavy tank classifications- and for even more ambitious developments following the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Each army’s interpretation of these advances and the contrasts in Western MBT design priorities are examined in hundreds of photos and colour profiles.

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