WHU: Rimelocked Relics (englisch)

WHU: Rimelocked Relics (englisch)
Games Workshop
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WHU: Rimelocked Relics (englisch) von Games Workshop

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In the Deathgorge’s depths lie blood-magic artefacts encased within ancient ice. These Rimelocked Relics are the treasures of lost civilisations – weapons and artefacts held fast in the Everwinter’s arctic clutches. Only a burning desire can thaw the magical hoarfrost to free them, though many warriors attempt more exotic and dangerous methods to unleash their terrible power.

Get stuck into Warhammer Underworlds or mix up your game with the complete Rimelocked Relics Rivals deck, usable by any warband – including those from past seasons. These cards can be used as a standalone deck in Rivals games, mixed with a warband's unique cards for Nemesis games, or used to build a deck from the ground up in Relic games. This deck doesn’t include any spells, so warbands from any season can put it to good use. Each card is brand new to the game, focused on acquiring extremely powerful upgrades – but you'll have to thaw them out before they can be used...

This deck contains a 32-card universal Rivals deck consisting of: – 12x objective cards – 10x gambit cards – 10x upgrade cards – 1 plot card – 1x background card that includes a deck list of the Rimelocked Relics cards

These cards can be used by any warband as a complete Rivals deck, or as part of a custom-built deck. You'll need a Warhammer Underworlds warband, including their fighter cards, to use the contents of this deck.

The Rivals format is designed to be the most accessible way to play Warhammer Underworlds, as players face off using pre-made decks in a test of skill. Rules for all formats can be found on the Warhammer Community website.

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