Tales of Longfall 5 (englisch)

Tales of Longfall 5 (englisch)
Freebooter Miniatures
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Tales of Longfall 5 (englisch) von Freebooter Miniatures

Tales of Longfall 5 (englisch)

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Tales of Longfall ##5 is packed with scenarios. In other words, with little stories that describe a brawl, a skirmish or a washed-out battle and in which your teams are the main characters. The aim is to find treasures, catch stupid birds, escape fire or water, rake in gold and much more. Of course, your opponent will try to prevent you from doing so, usually because he has exactly the same thing in mind.

Softcover A4 with 28 pages, English version.

The booklet contains the following scenarios including introduction, stories and rules:

  • Bar brawl
  • I just have to run faster than you!
  • Treasure hunt
  • Stranded
  • Fishing
  • Dodo hunt
  • Conquering the trading post
  • Hoisting the flags
  • The battle for the mine
  • Gold rush
  • Evacuation ##1
  • Fire!
  • Wolfgang's mortar school

"FF 038 Tales of Longfall ##5 - Scenarios" is not a stand-alone game, but an expansion to Freebooter's Fate.

In addition to the figures, the FF 023 Freebooter's Fate Basic Rulebook ##2 and a set of FF 025 Playing Cards ##2 are required to use the content.

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Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 12 Jahren.
Hersteller: Freebooter Miniatures
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