Skymines (englisch)

Skymines (englisch)
Pegasus Spiele
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Skymines (englisch) von Pegasus Spiele

Bitte beachten, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt.

About 50 years ago, mankind began mining raw materials on the moon and various asteroids. For decades, this task was firmly in the hands of the world government. But unrest brought this enterprise to a halt. Now adventurous companies and private investors want to revive the mining network and reap the profits!

In Skymines, players are savvy investors whose goal is to earn the most CrypCoin through clever strategic actions. To do this, they must invest resources in various companies to increase the number of shares they own in it, and spread outposts on the moon to increase the value of each share. Latest research results can support the players, but only if they acquire research plans and fulfill the conditions on them.

Skymines is a Eurogame with deep interaction between the players. A tightly limited number of actions per turn with multiple possibilities and a special card mechanism demand good strategic planning ahead. With a campaign mode, a second challenging board side, and two additional modules, each game offers the opportunity to explore different synergies and strategies.

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Hersteller: Pegasus Spiele
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