Necrons: Datasheet Cards (englisch)

Necrons: Datasheet Cards (englisch)
Games Workshop
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Necrons: Datasheet Cards (englisch) von Games Workshop

The Necrons are a deathless race of alien androids, rulers of the galaxy in a long-forgotten era once known as the Necrontyr. Now, having slumbered in stasis for millennia, they are rising to conquer it once more. Clad in self-repairing bodies of living metal and wielding weapons that harness the most devastating energies of the cosmos, the Necrons are a terrifying enemy.

This set of 53 cards will help you keep track of your legions in-game, with individual datasheets for every single Necrons unit, detailing their profiles, wargear, options, and special abilities. You'll also find a reference card for the Necrons army rules as well as special datasheet cards for use in Combat Patrol games.


  • 1x Army Rules Card
  • 47x Necrons Datasheet Cards
  • 5x Combat Patrol Datasheet Cards

All cards measure 161.5mm by 107.1mm, and feature an eye-catching green foil glint edge.

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