Epic Pike & Shotte Rulebook (englisch)

Epic Pike & Shotte Rulebook (englisch)
Warlord Games
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Epic Pike & Shotte Rulebook (englisch) von Warlord Games

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The 17th century saw the recruitment of vast armies across Europe that clashed against each other in bloody wars that decided ultimate temporal and divine authority.

The Thirty Years’ War was one of the longest and most destructive wars in European history. Ostensibly about religion, the conflict ultimately shifted the balance of power between nations on the continent.

The English Civil Wars saw Royal authority violently challenged by Parliamentary imposition in a series of wars that rent Britain asunder. Nobles and lords flocked to one side or the other to fight neighbour and brother in bloody war.

The Pike & Shotte Epic Battles rulebook provides you with all the information you need to refight the wars that raged across Europe in the seventeenth century in an epic scale, with period specific additions that capture the tactics, conditions, and prominent personalities of both these cataclysmic conflicts.

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