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Trontek 29ers - Corporation Team.jpeg Mantic Games Trontek 29ers - Corporation Team
Trontek 29ers - Corporation Team (13 Figures) The industrial giant Trontek is probably the most famous brand in the Corporation, so it is hardly surprising that they also sponsor one of the best teams in DreadBall: the Trontek 29ers....
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Dreadball Neodurium Knuckle Draggers Mantic Games Dreadball Neodurium Knuckle Draggers
Dreadball Neodurium Knuckle Draggers - All Star MVP Pack This set contains 4 pre-assembled premium plastic models, including: The Excavator Galdo Lyra the Fixer Asylum Clear Plastic Hexagonal Bases The Excavator - A mining robot isn't...
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