Index Cards: Chaos Space Marines (englisch)

Index Cards: Chaos Space Marines (englisch)
Games Workshop
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Index Cards: Chaos Space Marines (englisch) von Games Workshop

Bitte beachte, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt.

Chaos Space Marines are the Imperium's most bitter foes – warbands of genetically augmented killers, clad in baroque armour and sworn to otherworldly forces, festooned with the battle scars and trophies of their treachery.

This deck of Index: Chaos Space Marines cards will enhance your games from the moment you start playing Warhammer 40,000, giving you hands-on references to all the rules for your faction. The deck includes individual datasheets for every Heretic Astartes unit, detailing their profiles, wargear, options, and special abilities. You'll also find reference cards for the Heretic Astartes army rules – Dark Pacts and The Lost and the Damned – as well as the Slaves to Darkness Detachment, which includes five Enhancements, six Stratagems, and the Marks of Chaos rule. There's also an Armoury card, which details common weapons employed by the Heretic Astartes.

This deck does not contain cards for Death Guard, Thousand Sons, or World Eaters specific units, which are available separately.


  • 49x Heretic Astartes Datasheet Cards: Abaddon the Despoiler Accursed Cultists Chaos Bikers Chaos Land Raider Chaos Lord Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour Chaos Predator Annihilator Chaos Predator Destructor Chaos Rhino Chaos Spawn Chaos Terminator Squad Chaos Vindicator Chosen Cultist Mob Cypher Dark Apostle Dark Commune Defiler Exalted Champion Fabius Bile Fellgor beastmen Forgefiend Haarken Worldclaimer Havocs Helbrute Heldrake Heretic Astartes Daemon Prince Heretic Astartes Daemon Prince with Wings Huron Blackheart Khorne Lord of Skulls Legionaries Lord Discordant on Helstalker Lucius the Eternal Master of Executions Master of Possession Maulerfiend Noctilith Crown Noise Marines Obliterators Possessed Raptors Sorcerer Sorcerer in Terminator Armour Traitor Enforcer Traitor Guardsmen Squad Vashtorr the Arkifane Venomcrawler Warp Talons Warpsmith

  • 3x Heretic Astartes Index Cards, detailing the faction's army rules and the Slaves to Darkness Detachment

  • 1x Heretic Astartes Armoury Card

Please note this product does not include cards for Chaos Space Marines products from Forge World.

All cards are 190mm x 126mm.

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