Bad Loon Rising (englisch)

Bad Loon Rising (englisch)
Games Workshop
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Bad Loon Rising (englisch) von Games Workshop

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A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Novel

Zograt was once a puny runt of a grot, but thanks to his brilliant cunning, the blessing of the Bad Moon, and a loyal troggoth, he's now ready to prove himself the greatest Loonboss ever.


Follow a rags-to-riches story of a weak and weaselly git who now aspires to be seen as the best Loonboss in all the Mortal Realms! Of course, not everyone's going to let him have things his own way.


Despite being gifted with superior cunning, Zograt was born a puny git with a hammy leg. As the weakest runt of his tribe, he was always one beating away from a nasty end until the Bad Moon bestowed a blessing upon him.

Now, Zogrot wields the Clammy Hand, and back-stabbing gitz scurry to his cause, afraid of the vengeance their new boss will inflict with his powerful magic. But for every grot suffocated with noxious fungi, Zograt stages a magnanimous gesture, for he is all too wary that power is fragile. Yet in his heart boils an obsession – to become the most formidable Loonboss ever.

Where better to proclaim his new-found majesty than the gloom-shrouded mountain of Muttering Peak? To lay claim to his throne, Zograt must evade a sinister coven of wizards that seek to harness the power of the mountain for their own dark designs. But with his razor-sharp mind and a loyal troggoth at his side, Zograt’s ambitions may not be so daft, after all.

Written by Andy Clark.

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Hersteller: Games Workshop
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